About the VRTA

The Virginia Retired Teachers Association (VRTA) -- a member of the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA), Division of AARP -- is a nonprofit organization of retired and current educational personnel who have had responsibility in the educational process. For now 80 years, the VRTA has remained a strong voice on legislative issues that seek to ensure quality public education and that protect the security of the Virginia Retirement System. Insurance programs are available at discounted rates, which are especially helpful in retirement planning.

VRTA Day at the GA

January 31, 2019
Holiday Inn Express
201 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23219

Registration Due: January 9 (postmarked)

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Current Bylaws


What the VRTA stands for

  • To promote the general welfare of retired educational personnel;
  • To act for the membership in areas of vital interest;
  • To cooperate with NRTA Division of the AARP and other associations of retired people;
  • To provide the means of the interchange of information, ideas, and opinions;
  • To assist district and local units of VRTA in their activities; and
  • To encourage the utilization of the talents, skills, judgment, and experience of retired educations through participation in meaningful community, area, and statewide service activities.

Vision Statement

"All retired school personnel will be safe, productive, informed and financially secure in retirement."

Mission Statement

"To be the voice, resource and connection for all retired school personnel."